What You Should Know About Geotextiles

Geotextiles have been used for thousands of years, dating back to being used by the Pharaohs of Egypt. the Egyptians used them to stabilize roadways and their edges. The product itself is cloth-like and can spend in length up to 100 feet in length . Applications of this product has very little limitation. The ability to be used in extreme temperatures both hot and cold and durability over time. There is no wonder why this tool has lasted so long and is still growing to this day.


Geotextile into the future 

By the year 2020, the geotextiles market is expected to reach 9.54 billion (USD)  almost tripling in eight years. One of the primary purposes of the tool is to aid in liquid filtration while maintaining the integrity of the soil. It’s widely applicable nature makes it even more attractive and popular.


Uses and Applications

These geotextiles provide water flow in addition to stabilization of soil. The design of the material makes for optimal filtration, letting the things you don’t want out, and keeping the soil in place. Typical applications include access roads, aggregate drains, asphalt pavement overlays, and erosion control. While a majority of the Geotextile use is involved with roadwork, there still many other applications for the tool. For example, any project where the soil is needed to be held down and also to promote vegetative growth, geotextiles can help greatly.


Some different types of Geotextile Applications include:

  • Airport runways
  • Landfills
  • Wall structures
  • And others


Asimpa offers a variety of Geotextiles going from High quality woven to non-woven styles. Different fabric composition and construction are suitable for various applications. The non-woven Geotextile is an arrangement of fibers either oriented or randomly patterned in a sheet, resembling felt. Also, geotextiles are typically made from from a synthetic polymer or a composite of natural and artificial material. Along with the Geotextiles, Asimpa carries mono-filaments and ground covers are available for sale as well.

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How to Avoid Costly Fines on Your Next Project

As unfortunate as it is, major projects around the world get fined for improper erosion control practices. These fines are no slap on the wrist either, mainly because of the detrimental impact poor erosion controls have on the neighboring environment. From plants and animals to humans, erosion control keeps our environment healthy and sustainable for the future.  

It starts with BMP    

Implementing quality erosion control isn’t rocket science, but it does require field experience and a firm grasp of best-management-practices device installation. It takes a crew of specialists that have seen how complex a job site or project can get and understand how to handle unforeseen complications.  

Where projects go wrong 

Many contractors attempt to implement erosion controls without being very skilled or knowledgeable about them. They will jerry-rig or make-shift installations that have not been thoroughly thought through.  

This is by no means a slant to them because it is simply a matter of specialty. If you were having your house recoated by a professional painter, would you also have them replace the windows or siding?  

The answer is most likely not unless you’re a real gambler. This is because you are relying on their expertise in executing a challenging and unique project.  

Specialists can save your project in many ways 

Bandwidth – The idea of outsourcing non-core functions of the business has been a strong trend in recent years. No, we’re not referring to outsourcing to other countries in the traditional sense, but rather using an independent specialist to take unneeded burdens off your busy plate. 

Efficiency – Using a trusted third-party on your project can be helpful on multiple fronts. For one, a specialist is near guaranteed to perform work at a faster rate and with greater quality.  

Compliance – A specialist will also have the depth of knowledge in the space to ensure any given project meets and exceeds all EPA mandated erosion control standards. 

One of the major benefits of our team at Asimpa is that we’ve brought erosion and site specialists from a variety of industries under one roof. In creating the single resource for site support and erosion control solutions, we’ve made it simple and easy for project managers and contractors to find exactly what they need for their projects to be executed seamlessly.


See what our expertise looks like.

What types of projects does Asimpa work on?

Pipeline expansion? Excavation site? Data center? Energy plant? While each of these projects has very different requirements for erosion control site support, they all have one thing in common…Asimpa.

With more than 200+ combined years of experience, Asimpa’s team has led or worked directly on projects covering some of the biggest industries in the US:

  • Industrial Technology
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power & Energy
  • Multi-family Residential
  • Forestry
  • Paper
  • Solar Energy
  • Military
  • Industrial Automobile

How does Asimpa support each of these industries?

It all starts with all-stars on our team. Every industry is comprised of specialists that bring a unique set of skills to the table. Particularly in the area of construction, project demands can vary tremendously. Whether it’s erosion control, site compliance or general labor, knowing what you need on any given project is no easy task.

In many cases, a project manager must employ a myriad of independent contractors or specialists to handle jobs that are outside of your bandwidth. At Asimpa, the background of the founder and leadership team has long been entrenched in the roots of construction.

This strong background fueled their ability to take established relationships over the course of three decades and begin building the most well-rounded and accomplished site support team in the US. Simply put, Asimpa puts all of the specialists in one place for your project.

A team with no gaps

Our goal was and is to compile top talent that brings unique knowledge and expertise in a specific industry. If we see an opportunity in a new industry but don’t have someone experienced on that side of the project funnel, we will focus on recruiting a leader in that space.

This ensures that we work smarter, safer, and faster on our clients’ projects. Our team is now 15x the size it was when we started in 2013. Our projects continue to grow, and we’re now operating with a suite of site services coast-to-coast that goes unrivaled in today’s market.

Asimpa is the complete solution for erosion control, site support and products for projects of any size.

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Trusted Erosion Control Specialists

As one of the largest erosion control specialists in the country, Asimpa has worked on a wide variety of projects. From pipeline expansions and soil stabilization on a landfill to site grading projects and plant build outs, we know what it takes to deliver for our clients.

While the experience and technical knowledge on our team gives us an edge, what truly separates Asimpa from the crowd are our focus on safety and integrity.

Job Safety

As every firm should in the field of construction or manual labor, we are committed to a safe environment for our team members. Our leadership team sets the industry standard for safety with weekly safety meetings and daily Job Safety Analysis (JSA) meetings for every site.

These meetings allow our team to discuss any and all potential job hazards and best-practices, protecting against on-site accidents leading to project downtime or delays.

Our Key Certifications

  • NPDES Level 1A Training
  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30
  • OSHA 510
  • OSHA 500
  • GDOT Certified
  • Ash Basin Safety Awareness Training
  • D-U-N-S® 079133665

Team Integrity

At the very core of our business lays integrity. We take great pride in our work and the relationships we’ve built with our clients. Our positive, can-do attitude stems straight from the top in the founder, Brian Howle.

Every aspect of our team, process, and partnerships are instilled with the strongest sense of accountability and ethics, which is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Experience the difference for yourself

Erosion Control

Site Support


Sandbags & Erosion Control Products


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Maintaining the Highest Level of Job Safety

No matter where you work, there is always an occupational hazard and it is crucial for employers to cultivate and manage a safe work environment for their employees. Not only is workplace safety required by law, but it is also a moral responsibility. As an employer, you can promote a safe workplace by welcoming an occupational health expert to evaluate your environment and offer recommendations, providing your employees with regular health screenings, and being receptive to your employees’ safety concerns. As an employee, be sure to know your safety rights, share your knowledge with your peers, and bring any safety hazards or concerns to the attention of your employers.

Some Jobs Require More Safety Awareness Than Others

Being in the pipeline, energy, construction, and forestry industries significantly increase the likelihood of injuries and accidents. According to The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the construction industry, specifically, has a higher injury and accident rate than any other industry in America. To give you more perspective, in the year 2016, 21.1% of all worker fatalities occurred in the construction industry.

Safety Comes First with Asimpa

Although our jobs at Asimpa are statistically more dangerous than others, we always prioritize job safety and educational awareness to ensure consistent and efficient project execution. With our impressive EMR score, we stand out in our field as the national role models for safety. We instill safety as part of our culture, not just as a guideline. We treat our employees with respect and ward off accidents deriving from overworked employees. We hold daily Job Safety Analyses and mandatory weekly safety meetings. We do everything in our power to prevent accidents and injuries. Asimpa is safe, efficient, and reliable — We are a team you can count on for any of your project needs.

If you are looking for a total site support company with the highest of safety standards and a wide range of available services to help you on your next construction project, we can guarantee that Asimpa is the right company for you.

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