Asimpa’s Mobile Sandbag Facility Makes It Easy

For project managers, it’s always hard to estimate exactly what you need for any given job site. For example, heavy-duty sandbags are widely used in projects across the country. Estimating just how many sandbags are necessary can be very tedious.

If you order too much, you’ll potentially have wasted excess that could result in added costs. If you order too little, you could find yourself waiting on delivery from a third-party. This can result in project delays.

What if a third-party could manufacture sandbags on-site?

Now you can! Asimpa will come directly to your job site, set up mobile sandbag facility, and manufacture heavy duty sandbags as required.

No more approximations. No more shipping delays. No more hassle.

Along with countless other site support services, Asimpa makes it easy to tackle your next project with complete control over sandbag or bulk bag needs.

The choice is yours…

We can set up or ship sandbags to any job location across the lower 48. Asimpa proudly serves the commercial, industrial, oil & gas, energy, federal and forestry sectors.

Asimpa sandbags are made from the finest materials and vigorously tested to give our clients the highest level of quality and value.  

Our mobile sandbag facility is just one of the many services we’ve added as we’ve grown over the past few years. Every experience, product, or solution with Asimpa is guaranteed to go above and beyond expectation.

Choose exceptional. Choose safe. Choose Asimpa.