How to Avoid Costly Fines on Your Next Project

As unfortunate as it is, major projects around the world get fined for improper erosion control practices. These fines are no slap on the wrist either, mainly because of the detrimental impact poor erosion controls have on the neighboring environment. From plants and animals to humans, erosion control keeps our environment healthy and sustainable for the future.  

It starts with BMP    

Implementing quality erosion control isn’t rocket science, but it does require field experience and a firm grasp of best-management-practices device installation. It takes a crew of specialists that have seen how complex a job site or project can get and understand how to handle unforeseen complications.  

Where projects go wrong 

Many contractors attempt to implement erosion controls without being very skilled or knowledgeable about them. They will jerry-rig or make-shift installations that have not been thoroughly thought through.  

This is by no means a slant to them because it is simply a matter of specialty. If you were having your house recoated by a professional painter, would you also have them replace the windows or siding?  

The answer is most likely not unless you’re a real gambler. This is because you are relying on their expertise in executing a challenging and unique project.  

Specialists can save your project in many ways 

Bandwidth – The idea of outsourcing non-core functions of the business has been a strong trend in recent years. No, we’re not referring to outsourcing to other countries in the traditional sense, but rather using an independent specialist to take unneeded burdens off your busy plate. 

Efficiency – Using a trusted third-party on your project can be helpful on multiple fronts. For one, a specialist is near guaranteed to perform work at a faster rate and with greater quality.  

Compliance – A specialist will also have the depth of knowledge in the space to ensure any given project meets and exceeds all EPA mandated erosion control standards. 

One of the major benefits of our team at Asimpa is that we’ve brought erosion and site specialists from a variety of industries under one roof. In creating the single resource for site support and erosion control solutions, we’ve made it simple and easy for project managers and contractors to find exactly what they need for their projects to be executed seamlessly.


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