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Erosion Control Supplies from Asimpa, LLC: Simple Solutions for a Sustainable World

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Environmental and Erosion Products

slit fence

Silt Fence

Woven and nonwoven geotextiles are fastened to posts and stretched to create an effective tool in preventing sediment runoff in ground-disturbing construction zones. DOT- and EPA-approved, our silt fences are UV resistant and possess strength and hydraulic properties.

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Erosion blankets

Erosion Blankets

Our erosion control blankets, or ECBs, are made with organic straw, excelsior, or coconut fibers that act as turf-reinforcing mulches which renew vegetation while shielding incoming growth from the elements. ECBs are ideal for preventing erosion in channels and on slopes.

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asimpa sandbags

Sand & Bulk Bags

SAND , & BULK BAGS: Asimpa provides filled sandbags nationwide, delivered and ready to use or mobilized on your site. We offer poly or burlap bags in various materials. We bag stemming's for blasting. We can deliver all bags or mobilize to your site.

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Geotextiles have been used for thousands of years. Geotextiles were used in roadway construction in the days of the Pharaohs to stabilize roadways and their edges. These early geotextiles were made of natural fibers, fabrics or vegetation mixed with soil to improve road quality.

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image Geogrid


Depending on your specific application, part of our customer service promise is matching the right geotextile fabric to your project. We offer a wide variety of woven, non-woven, and polypropylene geotextiles to meet drainage, separation, and soil reinforcement regulations.

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Forbarriers-wattles are used to prevent the migration of silt, sediments, and debris from migrating off a site into nearby oceans, rivers, lakes, and ponds.

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image Grassing


Asimpa is a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of a complete line of land development products. Our knowledgeable sales staff is ready to add value and increased efficiency to your next project.

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